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Your media in action/Updated

Posted by Charles II on October 11, 2012

One can learn a lot about American elections by watching how our press handles elections abroad. Venezuela Analysis pulled together articles by Michael McGehee, Murray Polner, and Greg Wilpert to present some extraordinary examples of how our media–the article focuses on the NYT– openly supports oligarchy against democracy. The NYT:

  • * Consistently claimed that the election was close when in fact Chavez was ahead by landslide proportions and everyone knew it
  • * Claimed that Venezuelans were voting for Chavez out of fear of retaliation when the voting system actually is secure and people trust that their votes are confidential
  • * Claimed that Venezuelans were voting for Chavez because of Tammany-style patronage, whereas what they are calling patronage is what we in the US call “voting your pocketbook.”
  • * Published an OpEd that used misleading statistics about child deaths while failing to mention that unemployment has improved, and poverty has decreased (but crime is up)
  • * Repeated an unverified claim that government workers who signed a petition to recall Chavez suffered retaliation
  • If our media think that benefits like old-age pensions are “patronage,” how do they see Social Security? If they are lying to us about a foreign election–calling a landslide victory too close to call!– why do we think they aren’t spinning us about our own? I guess we think that we can decode or debunk what they are saying about the US. But this is a big country, with all sorts of wrinkles and hidden action. I think we are fooling ourselves.

    Update: Mark Weisbrot has some of the economic statistics on VZ.

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    1. jo6pac said

      Yep so true when I was reading somewhere that this election was going to close say what. If Hugo ran the nogs out like Putin did then it would have been this close. Here’s a couple more to go along with this. Corp. controlled media is sending what ever message they want and who care about the truth here in Amerika, remember say the lie loud and often it becomes the truth.

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