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Stay tuned for developments in Wisconsin

Posted by Charles II on October 14, 2012

Mary Bottari of PRWatch, truthout:

Since May 2010, the Milwaukee County District Attorney has been conducting a secret “John Doe” criminal investigation involving Scott Walker’s former staff and associates during the time that Walker served as the Milwaukee County Executive and was running for governor. The wide-ranging investigation has included allegations of illegal campaign work on the public payroll, embezzlement of funds from a veterans’ charity, and even child enticement. So far, it has netted 15 felony indictments and, at this moment, three people are awaiting trial.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney has been carefully lining up the cases so that the smaller fish are squeezed before the big fish take the stand. Yesterday, a pretty big fish made a plea deal and the question is, what shark did she implicate?

Kelly Rindfleisch served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.

On Tuesday in a surprise development, news broke that Rindfleisch had reached a plea deal with Milwaukee prosecutors.

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Children Speak Out Against Crystal Sugar’s Lockout

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 14, 2012

Since August 1, 2011, 1300 American Crystal Sugar Company workers have been locked out of their jobs — pretty much just because the company wanted to flex its muscles at their expense.

Here is a video done by the children of these locked-out workers. The children are writing letters to Dave Berg, the CEO of Crystal Sugar, and to members of Crystal Sugar’s board of directors, explaining to these already extremely rich people that the lockout is hurting people who were already not exactly rich:

Let’s see if Dave Berg and the board have anything resembling a conscience, or if they simply don’t consider the locked-out workers — or their children — to be fully human.

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