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A Reminder Why He’s Called “Son Of Turd Blossom”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 15, 2012

I hear to my surprise that a number of old and new media people who should know better are engaging in spiritual bromances with none other than Michael Brodkorb. In other words, they’re falling for the same schmoozy tricks that allowed him to vault to local and even national prominence in the first place.

Consider this post a reminder.

For instance, remember how in May of 2008 he pitched himself to the AP’s Patrick Conlon as an independent blogger who wasn’t being paid to blog on the GOP’s behalf? Here’s a memory-refresher:

Condon, in his effort to imply that Brodkorb was just some guy who just happens to write a blog (or rather, blogs; more on that later) attacking Minnesota Democratic candidates for office, left off big swaths of Brodkorb’s résumé.

Condon didn’t mention Brodkorb’s extensive work for Weber Johnson, a political consulting firm run by Joe Weber, the brother of Vin Weber, former Minnesota GOP congressman and one of the top movers and shakers in the national conservative Republican scene. He also chose not to mention Brodkorb’s being paid over $4500 per month by the 2006 Senatorial campaign of Republican Mark Kennedy as a “part-time press consultant”; that amount, per Minnesota Monitor, made him the fifth-highest-paid member of Kennedy’s campaign, garnering more even than Kennedy’s own press secretary; it was also more than what was paid to all but the top three persons in Democratic opponent (and eventual winner) Amy Klobuchar’s campaign. He also was paid by Michele Bachmann’s congressional campaign, something else Condon chose not to discuss. Condon didn’t even bother to ask who’s currently paying Brodkorb’s freight, which is an odd omission considering Brodkorb’s long history as a paid political operative.

Then there’s Condon’s dutifully reproducing Brodkorb’s preferred storyline about how he got outed as the creator of Minnesota Democrats Exposed:

Brodkorb started Minnesota Democrats Exposed anonymously in 2004, when he was still a paid employee of the state Republican Party. He outed himself in 2006 only after a Democratic public relations consultant sued him for defamation for an item Brodkorb posted. A judge dismissed the lawsuit last year, saying Brodkorb deserved the same legal protections as newspapers and traditional broadcasters against lawsuits by public figures.

Hogwash. What really happened is that Brodkorb outed himself by accident in October of 2005, when he made a post by e-mail and left his name on the post, thus confirming the suspicions of at least one local blogger:

Eva Young at Lloydletta’s Nooz and Comments first speculated about Brodkorb in September 2005 in “Is Michael Brodkorb the Elusive MDE“. Young’s net-educated guess was confirmed in October 2005 when the DFLBlog (kept by two DFLers but not an official party blog) posted that Brodkorb’s name, email address, and cell phone number appeared at the end of a post pimping the improved Pawlenty for Governor site. “Reluctantly Exposing Minnesota Democrats Exposed” includes a screen shot of the incriminating MDE post, a smaller version of which graces the top of my post here. Young picked up on this in two subsequent posts, here and here. Curiously, despite the clear evidence offered by the bloggers, Minnesota’s press corps continued the polite fiction that the identity of MDE was a mystery, right up to the time Brodkorb actually admitted to being MDE. (His track record on disclosure is still pretty shaky, as Shakesville’s Jeff Fecke shows at his own blog here and local blogger Flash at Centristy shows here, here, and here. As Flash says in a recent comment at The Cucking Stool, another local blog: “As someone who admits his career is in politics and specifically oppo research and press consulting, where, pray tell, has he received a penny from since November 2006, ’cause he hasn’t disclosed it.”)

There’s much, much more, but the thing to take from the whole affair is this: Those who would chase eagerly after Michael Brodkorb, thinking that he’s their bro and (now that he’s in bad odor with many state Senate Republicans for dropping the nuclear option on them) possibly a Real and True Honest to Goodness Independent Operative now, ready to dish dirt on his former employers in exchange for kid-gloves handling, should pause in their chasings, catch their breath, and wonder if they themselves are being had by one of the slickest schmoozers to sit at a keyboard.

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Historical truth, a few years late

Posted by Charles II on October 15, 2012

The National Security Archive, an incredible resource at George Washington University, has released new documents about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Main page

An overview from Peter Kornbluh in kind of an odd publication, Cigar Aficionado.

The Soviet-Cuban interaction from the papers of Soviet Deputy PM, Anastas Mikoyan.

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