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Minnesota Council Of Churches: Vote NO On Voter Restriction Amendment

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 16, 2012

From a press release issued earlier today:



Voting rights must be protected “for the last, lost and least to vote”

St. Paul, MN (October 16, 2012) — Standing in front of Central Lutheran Church in downtown Minneapolis this morning, leaders of the Minnesota Council of Churches, which represents one million Christians across the state of Minnesota, announced the MCC’s official opposition to the voter restriction amendment.

The Reverend Peg Chamberlain, MCC’s Executive Director, and St. Paul Synod of the ELCA Bishop Peter Rogness, MCC’s President and Board Chair, spoke about the complications and consequences the amendment would have on Minnesota voters. In particular, MCC representatives voiced concerns about the barriers to voting accessibility for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans; financial stewardship including expenses to the poor, the elderly and the homeless, and the costs and complications of instituting a new system of provisional balloting when much more pressing needs remain for struggling communities around the state.

Speaking of the seemingly simple photo ID requirement, Bishop Rogness told reporters “the fundamental issue that brings us here is our concern for those for whom this step – which seems easy for most in the mainstream – becomes a barrier to participating in the shaping of our public life together.” He said that the twenty-four member judicatories of the MCC have been publishing materials “defending the right of the last, lost and least to vote and therefore oppose the amendment.”

Peg Chamberlain said the MCC’s decision to oppose the voter restriction amendment was a “call upon our congregations and members to be vigorously engaged to defeat the voter ID amendment. The voter ID amendment seems innocuous enough. But when we started to unwrap it, we began to see the threat this could pose to the right to vote for tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans.”

Our Vote Our Future’s campaign manager, Luchelle Stevens, welcomed the Minnesota Council of Churches to the campaign to defeat the amendment. “Today, the Minnesota Council of Churches joins ISAIAH, Jewish Community Action, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ, and numerous congregations of various faiths in opposing this restrictive amendment. Their leadership in serving, and standing up for, the poorest and most vulnerable populations among us is crucial as we work to make sure voting restrictions aren’t placed in our state constitution. In these final three weeks, Our Vote Our Future will work hand-in-hand with MCC to ensure their million congregants are fully engaged to defeat this harmful amendment.”

To learn more about the Our Vote Our Future campaign to defeat the voter restriction amendment, please visit


Our Vote Our Future is the statewide, multi-partisan ballot initiative campaign to defeat the voter restriction amendment that will appear on Minnesota’s November 6, 2012 general election ballot. For more information, please visit or follow @OurVoteMN.

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The real Women in the Binder story

Posted by Charles II on October 16, 2012

Apparently Mitt lied.

What a surprise.

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Your nightly schadenfreude

Posted by Charles II on October 16, 2012

Via Atrios, a Salon article from Jillian Rayfield:

Dinesh D’Souza is facing some tough questions from his fellow Christians over a night spent in a hotel room with a woman [Denise Odie Joseph II] he introduced as a his fiancée – despite still having a wife.

D’Souza said that “nothing happened” in the hotel room, and clarified that he had “recently” filed for divorce from his wife.

You can see D’Souza’s brand of hypocrisy as described by a religious professional here:

he seemed to be more of a theistic opportunist whose exact creed and doctrinal home could morph and move according to the needs of the market and the angle of the spotlight

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Hillary Took Responsibility For Benghazi. Condi Shirks It For 9/11, Which Was 750-Odd-Times Worse.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 16, 2012

TBogg reminds us that neither Condoleeza Rice nor anyone else in the Bush Junta took responsibility for blowing off repeated CIA warnings about Al Qaeda before 9/11.

Something to show to the wingnut co-worker who yammers about Benghazi.

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The price of her silence: Rebekah Brooks pay-out about $10M in Murdoch scandal

Posted by Charles II on October 16, 2012

Dan Sabbagh and Patrick Wintour, The Guardian:

Rebekah Brooks received a payoff worth about £7m after resigning as chief executive of News International at the height of the Milly Dowler phone-hacking crisis in July 2011.

The exact figure has never been disclosed by the Murdoch company – whose parent News Corporation holds its annual meeting on Tuesday – but one source said they believed it was between £6m and £8m.

If she gets convicted of her role in phone/computer hacking and cover-up, she has to pay some of it back. You could call it incentive pay–for lying.

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