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Anthony Weiner Resigned. Scott DesJarlais Hasn’t.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 17, 2012

This Daily Kos diarist sums it up for me:

Republican Congressman is a doctor, cheats on his wife multiple times with multiple different women, gets caught, wife gets divorce, during the trial it is revealed he is reckless with handguns, and abusive towards her, knocks up one of his mistresses, who happens to be a patient, pushes her to get an abortion despite his so called “pro life” sacred beliefs…and holds on to his seat. No media firestorm. Republicans silent.

Democratic Congressman sends a woman a picture of his dick and resigns immediately under pressure from his own party after media goes crazy.

By the way, here’s Scott DesJarlais’ Democratic opponent, Eric Stewart. No mistresses that we know of, much less ones who he tried to pressure into getting abortions. Since Scott DesJarlais, up to now, has had pretty low name recognition in his own CD (which underwent major surgery in the last redistricting), and since the biggest story that’s likely to increase DesJarlais’ name recognition isn’t likely to make him more popular, it looks like Stewart might have a chance here.

One Response to “Anthony Weiner Resigned. Scott DesJarlais Hasn’t.”

  1. Charles II said

    As soon as Desjarlais feels the relentless pressure of the 24 hour-a-day liberal-media echo-chamber megabehemoth, I’m sure he’ll feel obliged to do the right thing and resign.

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