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In which the Miami Herald endorses communism, fascism, and the Caliphate

Posted by Charles II on October 19, 2012

Really, the American press continues to discover new levels of stupidity.

You may remember that Republican Congressman David Rivera is under investigation for bribes, false election filings, and other criminal acts. The Miami Herald grudgingly concedes he “carries too much political baggage to be an effective member of Congress.” Yeah, like hopefully a ball and chain in the near future.

But they really don’t want to want to endorse Rivera’s Democratic opponent: “Mr. Garcia, 49, is too much of a verbal bomb thrower, a reflection of his work as a Democratic Party stalwart…. What this district needs most is a consensus-builder”

So, see, criminal or partisan Democrat? The choice is difficult!

What The Herald really wants is a one-party state. They’re the perfect newspaper for Mussolini’s Italy or the USSR. Political officials there worked in perfect harmony!

One Response to “In which the Miami Herald endorses communism, fascism, and the Caliphate”

  1. The Miami Herald is afraid of getting firebombed. That tends to happen a lot to people who anger the community of Batistaites and their progeny. Ozzie Guillen dared speak the truth about Castro — namely, that he was a tough old bird to survive over fifty years with a target painted on his back — and nearly got lynched for it.

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