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Just thought s/he’d want to know

Posted by Charles II on October 21, 2012

Billy Graham has always called Mormonism a cult. But he decided, for political reasons, to endorse Romney. So, he had the website of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association scrubbed of that article. Other articles remained which made it clear that that had been his verdict on the LDS.

Now, dear reader, you probably know that. But there are still millions of Americans who don’t know about this bit of hypocrisy writ large. And they might be voting on the basis that if it came out of Billy Graham’s mouth, it must be ok. They probably want to know about the mouth on the other side of Billy Graham’s face.

So this post is to lend the mighty power of Mercury Rising to telling that little bit of truth.

For what it’s worth, I call Mormonism “post-Christian,” since they say Jesus was the Son of God, but he failed. Is it a cult? A multi-level marketing scheme? Or just another religion? All those are matters of judgment. But the hypocrisy of Billy Graham and so many other fundamentalists and evangelicals in embracing what they have for so many years denounced– that’s just a fact.
Updated here: it seems that in Christianity Today, the major evangelical mag, religious leaders have weighed in, mostly in favor of hypocrisy. Lord, help the Christian Church.

2 Responses to “Just thought s/he’d want to know”

  1. Wege said

    Totally a cult. I was raised to think believe Mormons were not Christians, yet my parents (who paid for my tickets to see Billy Graham movies) will be voting for Mitt Romney.

    When I was a kid, my parents considered it to be disgraceful the way the televangelists ripped off seniors. Now it’s Fox News and the Karl Rove right, and they’re ripping off my parent’s vote.

    I understand why Roger Ailes thinks he needs a safe room at Fox. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t have to live there 24/7 given the lawless way he perverts the 1st Amendment.

    • Charles II said

      Oh, I’ve known great, creative, alive, spiritually-free Mormons who were not taken in by the political garbage of the LDS church, ‘Wege. Not many, admittedly. The book The White Salamander poses the problem that Mormon intellectuals face. The Church’s real problem is that it has never been honest with itself, with its past, with how it treats women and gays and people of color today.

      My objection is that I don’t like people calling themselves “followers of Jesus” if they specifically believe that Jesus screwed up. To a follower of Jesus, Jesus is not the carpenter’s son or the miracle worker or the holy guru that churches like to caricature Him as. He is the manifestation of God’s love on earth in its many forms: in the kindness that people show one another, even in they aren’t Christians. In the sunshine and the rain and the good seed that produces what we need to eat. In finding hope and strength to go on in the face of overwhelming despair. To say that Jesus failed is to despise love itself and to deny it as the transcendent force that overcomes the darkness. So when Mormons claim to be Christians, I get a sour taste in my mouth.

      I have nothing against Mormons. I’m sure that some of them do follow Jesus by quietly rejecting the teaching of their church that Jesus failed. I just wish the Church would be honest about its theology, which is post-Christian.

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