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A Romney presidency would generate memes, not jobs

Posted by Charles II on October 23, 2012

First there was Women in Binders.

Now, via Greg Mitchell (and whoever it was who linked him), there’s Horses and Bayonets.

See, Romney isn’t completely useless.


12 Responses to “A Romney presidency would generate memes, not jobs”

  1. Wege said

    The maddening thing is how blithely they go from one deliberate distortion to the next, never ever getting called on it by the mainstream media.

    • Stormcrow said

      The mainstream news media stopped being relevant to what actually happens in the world some time ago.

      They know it, too, and it scares them shitless. Why else do you think that barking-mad hysterics like Lou Dobbs consistentlyget the airtime they do?

      Take a stroll over to Election Analytics, and I think you’ll see that Mr. Romney’s incompetence has not gone unnoticed. :)

      • Charles II said

        Nate Silver calls it a 70.3% chance of winning, but even that is optimistic. The election is close enough to steal. It’s also likely that the Republican vote stealing effort will be extensive in non-battleground states, with the goal of winning the popular vote. They can then attack Obama’s legitimacy to try to hamstring him politically.

        We are facing massive resistance and it has to be met with massive determination. I counsel people who are in safe red or safe blue states to still vote Dem, since the popular vote margin will matter.

    • Charles II said

      This has been going on ever since Katherine Seelye, Susan Schmidt, and the rest of the Kool Kids screwed Al Gore out of the presidency. They are, by my best guess, tax cut whores who think that the government owes them their comfortable lifestyle.

  2. Stormcrow said

    Clicked through that link.

    Priceless. ROFL.

    Here’s another one.

    • Wege said

      Ryan responded to the horses and bayonets stuff by talking about how we need more battleships. I wish I could remember who pointed this out, but we decommissioned our last battleship in 1992. In fact, when Romney introduced Ryan as his veep, he did so from the deck of the USS Wisconsin, a battleship decommissioned in 1991 (the second to last one used by the Navy).

      And the media doesn’t say a word about it.

  3. Gappy said

    I voted this morning here in Illinois and I was tempted to give it to Jill Stein, especially based on her opinion of the US aid to Israel but Illinois is only blue because of Chicago……..the rest of the state (especially downstate which is anything west, east or south of Springfield) would like nothing better than to break off and be their own state. A Romney win probably wouldn’t happen in my state but the operative word for me is “probably” and that’s not good enough. I voted for no Republican at local, state or national level today and I’m pretty damn proud of that!

    • Charles II said

      Good on you, Gappy.

      It’s very likely that whoever is the winner of the electoral college will not be the popular vote winner, which the other side will use to deprive them of legitimacy. If the EC winner is Obama, it could be very bad…given how wacky the right has become, even a pretext for insurrection.

      Every vote counts.

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