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Colin Powell Endorses President Obama

Posted by MEC on October 25, 2012

General Powell is on target with his explanation of why he’s endorsing President Obama for re-election. There’s a video at the link. It’s worth a listen. He praises the president’s achievements in both domestic and foreign policy, and criticizes Romney for his shifting positions (and, tacitly, his untrustworthiness). I’m feeling the irony that Powell criticizes Romney’s Neocon advisers, since Powell chose to work with those people and support that agenda in the Bush regime. But his endorsement is one of the strongest, clearest statements for why Obama should be re-elected that I’ve heard.

2 Responses to “Colin Powell Endorses President Obama”

  1. Charles II said

    Hopefully the three percent of Very Confused Voters who seem to determine our elections will be set straight by the General.

    Why this election is even close is beyond me.

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