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Malevolence or incompetence? You decide. (mass purge in LaPorte Co., Indiana)

Posted by Charles II on October 25, 2012

Via Don Briggs at DK.

Matt Fritz, The News Dispatch:

Back in 2011, some 800 voters were supposed to be purged from the La Porte County [of Indiana] voter registration system.

Instead, more than 13,000 got the boot and now the voter registration office is scrambling to get them online before Nov. 6.

Was it deliberate? Ask yourself what the GOP would say if the situation were reversed. Matt Fritz:

The Democrat party chair is asking the federal government to get involved in the wrongful purge of 13,000 voters in La Porte County last year.

Chairman John Jones said in a press release that he will be asking the U.S. Department of Justice Election Integrity Task Force to investigate exactly how the purge happened, which he said was an “effort led by Republican voters’ appointee Donna Harris, the wife of county Republican chairman Keith Harris.”

Malevolence or incompetence. You decide.

5 Responses to “Malevolence or incompetence? You decide. (mass purge in LaPorte Co., Indiana)”

  1. Wege said

    Indulge me in a pet peeve, please. When your quotes don’t say where, you should provide that information. I had to click the link to find out that La Porte County is in Indiana.

    Something of the reverse nature did just happen. Apparently a lot of Republican voters in Florida got “you’re not registered to vote” letters recently. With Seattle postmarks.

    • Charles II said

      Do I get a raise if I follow your style book, ‘Wege?

      I added the state to the text. Not to mention that it’s in the fecking title.

      As for the Republicans in Florida being threatened with disenfranchisement, I will be interested to see if this is a GOP effort. They have an infinite amount of money and seem to be throwing anything and everything against the wall to see what works. Of course, the fact that the FBI is investigating suggests that it might actually be a Democratic effort.

    • Wege said

      I will lobby PW to give you blog raise. I only picked on you because you’re influential and I hope some of the A bloggers do a forehead slap when they read this and start adding geographic context.

      Whether or not I click on a link to a Man Marries Sister story depends on where it happened. In NY, it’s a news story. Other places not so much.

      • Charles II said

        In my not so humble opinion, 13,000 Americans being denied the vote is a story wherever it occurs, ‘Wege.

        As for blog raises, about the best I could hope for is two papel picado snowflakes instead of one.

      • Wege said

        You made me look, damnit. I had no idea which state Papel Picado was in.

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