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The rape rap: outdated edition

Posted by Charles II on October 25, 2012

From Brainwrap at DK:

But wait! This is already out of date! Volume 2 is available, and volume 3 is in preparation.

I think Hecate said it well (via ql at Atrios).

Take robbery, for example. If someone shows up with a gun and demands a man’s wallet, we don’t say, well, that man shouldn’t have been walking with a wallet in a bad part of town, having had more than a few drinks, and wearing a nice suit that advertised how much money he had, as if he wanted to attract robbers. He shouldn’t have stopped and offered to give the robber a dollar before saying that, no, he wasn’t willing to give the robber all of his money. We don’t say that he’d previously checked out movies that showed people getting robbed and, therefore, must have wanted to be robbed. We don’t say that he was, in one way or another, asking to be robbed.

It used to be said that Democrats were soft on crime. Now it’s clear that Republicans are very hard on crime victims.

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