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Posted by Charles II on November 7, 2012

I don’t know Mormon theology well enough to know how accurate this is. But it’s an interesting presentation and very specific in providing a basis for its statements:

Anyone able to comment on the theology?

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Reasons to keep faith that we will weather this national storm of crazy

Posted by Charles II on November 7, 2012

1. Mitt Romney did not heed Donald Trump’s call for revolution (though not everyone has heeded Romney’s call to stand down.)

2. new: Elizabeth Warren! In the Senate!

3. Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson are no longer in the Senate.

4. Alan Grayson is back in Congress to keep them honest. He doesn’t get paid enough.

5. Allen West might be out of Congress (down 380 votes with 99% counted and The Hill has called it for Murphy). Regrettably, Michele Bachmann will probably remain in Congress (50.41-49.31) but , if so, only because the Twelve Apostles personally went and voted for her. Yes, it’s that tight.

6. Obama will probably surpass 50%, meaning the Republicans can’t whine that wasn’t really elected.

7. Women proved that Si Se Puede.

8. Maryland told the Catholic Church that same sex marriage is actually OK.

9. It is now legal to toke in Colorado (should do wonders for tourism).


You know, America has long been a conservative nation at heart, all I made it/you’re lazy if you haven’t. But it might be starting to grow up, starting to set aside discrimination of many kinds, starting to reject mindless militarism.

This time we can’t march off figuring we’ve done our duty. We have to keep leaning on Democrats to keep them from caving, and start preparing early for 2014. We voted for hope and change. Now we want the fundamental change we were promised four years ago.

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