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About that mandate

Posted by Charles II on November 11, 2012

Apologies to the DK poster from whence this comes. I would like to give you credit, but have forgotten whence the link came.

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From Jailbait To Essential Partners: How Occupy Won Over New York And Jersey

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 11, 2012

Less than two months ago, Mayor Bloomberg was still tossing Occupy Wall Street members into jail on the thinnest of pretexts.

Now, when in the wake of Sandy the OWS folks have shown themselves to be the most effective on-the-ground aid workers imaginable, they are valued partners in the relief effort.

Here, courtesy of an FDL commenter, are some recent and relevant Occupy-Sandy-related tweets:

Some incredible tweets this evening from Red Hook. Check out the photos.

Libor Von Schönau‏@LiborVonSchonau
Over40 #NatGuard #NYPD Mayor’s Office,business”leaders”@ #OccupySandy mtng @GREEDKILLS @NaomiAKlein @northaura @Remroum

Libor Von Schönau‏@LiborVonSchonau
#OccupySandy mtng #transparency @mafathom @DiceyTroop @shawncarrie @shushugah @rdevro @mikeburke999 @billmckibben @350

Libor Von Schönau‏@LiborVonSchonau
#OWS in logistical mtng w/ #NatGuards #NYPD & #Bloomberg’s Office™@MMFlint @NaomiAKlein @350 @sharifkouddous @cyberela

In Red Hook, @OccupySandy (!) hosts a meeting b/w local leaders, a Mayor’s rep, the Nat’l Guard, & the NYPD.

reformatted link for above tweet:

And this: (!)

Tonight @OccupySandy’s Red Hook team hosted a meeting where a Mayor’s rep, the Nat’l Guard, & NYPD all got on stack w/ community leaders.

The changed status of OWS is reflected in the changed media coverage, which is almost entirely positive to glowingly positive nowadays.

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