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More good news: Rolling Jubilee

Posted by Charles II on November 13, 2012

Good news! You can now assist an Occupy offshoot, Strike Debt in canceling debt. This is called the Rolling Jubilee. What is a Jubilee?

From the Jewish Encyclopedia:

The septennate or seventh year, during which the land is to lie fallow, and the celebration of the fiftieth year after seven Sabbatical cycles. As regards the latter, the Hebrew term “yobel” refers to the blast of the shofar on the Day of Atonement announcing the jubilee year ….

The fiftieth year, i.e., that following the last year of seven Sabbatical cycles, is the jubilee; during it the land regulations of the Sabbatical year are to be observed, as is also the commandment “ye shall return every man unto his possession” (ib. verse 10), indicating the compulsory restoration of hereditary properties (except houses of laymen located in walled cities) to the original owners or their legal heirs, and the emancipation of all Hebrew servants whose term of six years is unexpired or who refuse to leave their masters when such term of service has expired (Gen. xviii. 6; ‘Ar. 33b; see Josephus, “Ant.” vi. 8, § 28).

The regulations of the Sabbatical year include also the annulment of all monetary obligations between Israelites, the creditor being legally barred from making any attempt to collect his debt (Deut. xv. 1 et seq.). The law for the jubilee year has not this provision. (emphasis added)

The only bad news that I can see is that they’re using Paypal. However, they also offer WePay. Don’t know if that is better.

3 Responses to “More good news: Rolling Jubilee”

  1. WePay is the system of choice for those who don’t like PayPal. Haven’t heard anything bad about them.

  2. MEC said

    I’ve heard good things about WePay.

  3. And yes, they are invoking the Biblical meaning of the word “Jubilee”. This is something that is at the foundations of all of the faiths of Abraham. (It’s also why they are getting churches involved with this good work. It’ll be harder for the oncological capitalists to come after them when they’re allied with churches.)

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