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Honduras: what we’d like to say

Posted by Charles II on November 16, 2012

Press session at the State Department:

QUESTION: I actually have one more Latin American question.


QUESTION: And if you don’t have anything on it, maybe you could take it. It’s on Honduras.


QUESTION: Political intimidation, repression – apparently, I believe, a litany of recent events, mainly directed towards one opposition party. Do you have anything to say about those incidents specifically or more broadly about just the political environment in Honduras right now?

MS. NULAND: I don’t have anything on the political environment in Honduras. Let me take it and see if we have anything we’d like to say.


I know what I’d like to say.


One Response to “Honduras: what we’d like to say”

  1. “We can’t admit we were snookered by Lanny Davis as that would be too humiliating. So what if a few thousands of people were murdered, and thousands more will be murdered, by a dictatorial right-wing coup we tacitly supported, just so American t-shirt companies didn’t have to pay the new minimum wage that the guy we helped topple had put into place?”

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