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Walker edges toward indictment

Posted by Charles II on November 20, 2012

John Nichols, Madison CapTimes:

It is no secret that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would like very much to have his name added to the long shortlist of 2016 Republican presidential contenders. But the nation’s most militant anti-labor politician has suddenly been thrust into the center of a scandal that is likely to dim his national prospects, and that could yet cost him his state post.

At the sentencing hearing for a top Walker aide convicted of felony misconduct in office, the chief prosecutor revealed that when Walker was seeking the governorship in 2010, he was part of an ongoing scheme to use county employees and resources to aid his campaign.

Wisconsin media exploded late Monday with reports from inside the courtroom, where Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch was sentenced to six months in jail and three years of probation.

“Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf said the group that met regularly included people from Walker’s campaign such as campaign manager Keith Gilkes and spokeswoman Jill Bader along with county employees such as chief of staff Tom Nardelli, spokeswoman Fran McLaughlin, administration director Cindy Archer and Rindfleisch, according to email correspondence obtained by investigators.”

It is very clear that as county executive, Scott Walker was directing his subordinates to use county resources and time to get him elected government. A more clearcut example of abuse of power could not be imagined. Every politician on earth knows that you can only campaign on your own time and with your own money.

I do not understand why Wisconsin Republicans are not catching the odor rising up from that rotting heap of corruption, Scott Walker. The voters just gave the Republicans absolute power again. Next on the docket: a judicial election that well could determine whether justice is actually done in the Walkergate probe.


3 Responses to “Walker edges toward indictment”

  1. You have to understand how utterly worthless most of the major print and broadcast media are in the state. All of the major papers are, without exception, hardcore conservative.

  2. I understand Command Central runs all the voting machines in Wisconsin from a strip mall in Minnesota.

    • Charles II said


      Well, it certainly didn’t do them any good at the presidential and senatorial level.

      No, Wisconsin is just gerrymandered. GOP statewide vote totals for House seats were 200,000 less than Dems, if I heard John Nichols aright. But if you crowd all the Dems into progressive ghettos, you can control House seats against the popular will.

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