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The Paranoid Whackjob Style In American Politics: Minnesota GOP Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 2, 2012

In keeping with limning the bigotry-fueled end-times paranoia of some of the folks doing stupid-ass things with guns (and thus potentially endangering the right of sensible people to possess firearms), I bring you the anti-Agenda-21 nutbars, courtesy of Sally Jo Sorensen:

In Green…It’s the New Red?,  a November 30, 2012 blog post up at conservative group home True North, [prominent local conservative nutbar John] Rouleau writes:

Shortly after the DFL took control of the majorities in the legislature,
Governor Dayton issued Executive Order 11-32 on November 16
an Environmental Congress be called and forums around the state be
hosted. Now, if I was a betting man, I would wager that this is the
first hint of overreach that we will see come from the DFL. [emphasis added]

That’s pretty scary, especially since Governor Dayton issued Executive Order 11-32 on November 16, 2011.

Rouleau tried to weasel out of owning his screwup, but that didn’t work as the formidable Ms. Sorensen saved the screenshots.

Ironically, as the authors of the new book The Last Myth help to show, the obsession with a mythical back-helicopter-led doom is one of the chief things hindering the ability of Americans to solve very real problems that could create very real catastrophes. This is both because the doom myths distract from (and in the case of anti-Agenda-21 paranoia, actively oppose) finding real solutions to these problems, and also because the anxiety that is giving rise to this paranoia is in part fueled by various resentments having to do with economic status and distribution of economic fruits that are taboo to examine clearly in this country.

(By the way, Sally Jo is having a fundraising drive. Throw her a few shekels if you feel so moved.)

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