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All you need to know about the finance/economics establishment

Posted by Charles II on December 17, 2012

Gavin Kostick as presented by John McHale explains the different schools of modern finance/economic theory (via Krugman):

[Scene: A spacious drawing room in Frankfurt. A patient is strapped to a table. M Drachet in attendance, plus admirers]

M Drachet: Our diagnosis for this fellow is an excess of partying, too much of the punch-bowl, a surfeit of humours, grass corpulence and a palpable debt overhang. Our remedy? Leeches!

[Enter Mr deKrugman, a plain talking Yankee]



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  1. MEC said

    The essence of that vignette:

    But if we tried something new and it proved better, why our reputation for competence would be in tatters

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