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The need for regulation

Posted by Charles II on December 23, 2012

Kathleen McLaughlin, The Guardian:

International health experts are warning of a mounting health crisis in parts of Africa because of an influx of counterfeit medicine from Asia that is playing havoc with the treatment of diseases such as malaria. Porous borders in Africa coupled with indifferent oversight in China are combining to turn the continent and its pressing health problems into a free-for-all for maverick manufacturers, some of whom are producing pills with no active ingredients at all.

Patrick Lukulay, vice president of the US Pharmacopeial Convention’s global health impact programmes, said it was no secret that the majority of dangerous medications came from China and India, as those countries had the world’s largest production bases for both active ingredients and finished drugs.

While India has stepped up oversight, “China is only now just catching on”, he added.

And more from McLaughlin:

There are fake malaria drugs, antibiotics and even emergency contraceptives. This in a country battling the world’s third highest birthrate, with five to six children per woman keeping the population mired in poverty. Some pills contain no active ingredients, some are partial strength and some the wrong formulation entirely.

“Let’s not exonerate other countries, by the way,” he added, noting that African factories had also been busted for making fakes.

I wish that I could say that the US is not headed in the same direction, but ever since the 1980s, quality standards have been under attack. Not all that long ago, I had a run-in with a flu vaccine that should have been impossible. And, while problems as egregious as those reported by McLaughlin are still rare in the US, other kinds of corner-cutting are common, as evidenced by the many scandals showing substandard clinical testing.


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  1. I would look askance at anything you might put in your mouth, if that thing came from China. The parents of one of my friends lost a dog to what turned out to be toxic chew toys made in China. Ever since then, they stick to things like rawhide toys made locally if at all possible.

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