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FOX’s Murdoch Tries Buying White House, US Media Won’t Sound The Alarm

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 24, 2012

An obviously horrified Carl Bernstein, writing for the UK’s Guardian newspaper (probably because no US media outside of Huffington Post or maybe MSNBC would touch it), on the incontrovertible evidence that Rupert Murdoch was trying to buy himself the US presidency via control of his intended figurehead General David Petraeus, whose candidacy he and Roger Ailes intended to use FOX News to promote:

Indeed, almost as dismaying as Ailes’ and Murdoch’s disdain for an independent and truly free and honest press, and as remarkable as the obsequious eagerness of their messenger to convey their extraordinary presidential draft and promise of on-air Fox support to Petraeus, has been the ho-hum response to the story by the American press and the country’s political establishment, whether out of fear of Murdoch, Ailes and Fox – or, perhaps, lack of surprise at Murdoch’s, Ailes’ and Fox’s contempt for decent journalistic values or a transparent electoral process.

The tone of the media’s reaction was set from the beginning by the Post’s own tin-eared treatment of this huge story: relegating it, like any other juicy tidbit of inside-the-beltway media gossip, to the section of the newspaper and its website that focuses on entertainment, gossip, cultural and personality-driven news, instead of the front page.

“Bob had a great scoop, a buzzy media story that made it perfect for Style. It didn’t have the broader import that would justify A1,” Liz Spayd, the Post’s managing editor, told Politico when asked why the story appeared in the style section.

Buzzy media story? Lacking the “broader import” of a front-page story? One cannot imagine such a failure of news judgment among any of Spayd’s modern predecessors as managing editors of the Post, especially in the clear light of the next day and with a tape recording – of the highest audio quality – in hand.


And here let us posit the following: were an emissary of the president of NBC News, or of the editor of the New York Times or the Washington Post ever caught on tape promising what Ailes and Murdoch had apparently suggested and offered here, the hue and cry, especially from Fox News and Republican/Tea Party America, from the Congress to the US Chamber of Commerce to the Heritage Foundation, would be deafening and not be subdued until there was a congressional investigation, and the resignations were in hand of the editor and publisher of the network or newspaper. Or until there had been plausible and convincing evidence that the most important elements of the story were false. And, of course, the story would continue day after day on page one and remain near the top of the evening news for weeks, until every ounce of (justifiable) piety about freedom of the press and unfettered presidential elections had been exhausted.

So what spared us the prospect of a puppet President Petraeus mouthing Rupert Murdoch’s dogma? Apparently Petraeus himself turned down the idea. That, and that alone. Which was a good thing, because if we’d had to rely on the Washington (Hiatt) Post or the New York Times to do it, we likely would be watching Petraeus being sworn in as president by John Roberts in a few weeks.

Yet another nail in the “liberal media” myth coffin.


2 Responses to “FOX’s Murdoch Tries Buying White House, US Media Won’t Sound The Alarm”

  1. Charles II said

    I’m sure I have seen this story somewhere else….

    • You’ve definitely mentioned it. Carl Bernstein’s point is that the majority of the US mass media outlets are going out of their way to bury it; the one US mass-media entity to cover it, the Washington Post, didn’t put it on the front page but in the “Style” section. (The fact that Bernstein wrote his piece for a UK publication, and not a US one, underscores this.)

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