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Ashley Judd Has Mitch McConnell Pee-His-Pants Scared RE: 2014

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 27, 2012

This is hilarious. Ashley Judd hasn’t even come close to openly stating she’d like to run against Mitch McConnell, yet the fact that she is within four points of him in two separate polls — one of them a Republican internal poll — has him panicking a full two years before the election:

Two weeks ago, Public Policy Polling found that McConnell, with an approval rating of just 37%, is the least popular senator in the nation. In a hypothetical match-up against actor Ashley Judd, the Republicans’ Senate leader was ahead by only four points, 47% to 43%.

McConnell’s office responded to the poll with a conspiracy theory, which was odd, and by conducting an internal poll, which turned out to be even odder.

Sen. Mitch McConnell is looking to knock Ashley Judd out of the Kentucky Senate race before she gets in.

The Senate Minority Leader’s campaign has leaked the results of a poll on some of Judd’s positions, saying it proves the Hollywood actress doesn’t pose a threat to his re-election if she decides to launch a campaign.

The polling showed that McConnell’s lead in a hypothetical matchup with Judd jumps from 4% to 20% once voters know more about her, according to a memo provided to Politico.

So, let me get this straight. PPP found McConnell leading Ashley Judd by only four points, 47% to 43%, leading the senator’s aides to allege a conspiracy. But when McConnell conducted his own poll through a Republican polling firm, he learned that his lead over Judd was … four points, 47% to 43%.

Hilarious as it is, McConnell is right to be worried. If the North Carolina Democrats had managed to talk Andy Griffith into running, he would have beaten Jesse Helms like a gong back in 1990, and very likely died as a United States Senator.


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