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Pro-Gun Blogger Fountain Has Anti-Woman Friends

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 27, 2012

destroy the bitch

Before anyone puts too much stock in pro-gun blogger Christopher Fountain’s rationale for posting the home addresses of various newspaper personnel because their newspaper (for what rationale, I’m not sure) posted publicly-available information about the gun permit holders in the area — namely, that he did it to allegedly help/avenge/? abused women — I suggest you check out the web site of one of his biggest fans, who favorably links to him:

Destroy the bitch

Having started out with a hard slam, Mister Cold Fury shows he was just warming up:

… People, you all know I’m a peaceable, conciliatory type. I would never advocate harassing this arrogant shrew to within an inch of her miserable life, making her completely uncomfortable and even afraid in her own home, trembling at the mere prospect of leaving the premises or turning on her computer as a consequence of her outrage against all decency.
I wouldn’t suggest that people call her at all hours, or hold screaming protests on her front lawn complete with bullhorns and windbreaker-clad thugs skulking about and issuing threats against her spouse and children. I wouldn’t call for additional harassment of her despicable employer in hopes of getting her fired. Nor would I wish to see her every waking moment turned into a living nightmare from which there is no awakening.


I therefore present this link purely for informational purposes, as I’m sure CynDee (eyeroll) did with her original article, with no intent to intimidate or inconvenience… Burn in hell, you abominable shrike.

Just kidding, my ass. In my opinion, he wants her dead and burning in hell because she knows how to search for publicly-available information.

I have no idea what she was trying to do, but to me it’s pretty obvious what Cold Fury Guy and his BFF Fountain are trying to do, and that’s to exert what they see as righteous payback against a “bitch” and a “shrew”.

UPDATE: Thanks to Charles, I’ve been alerted to one of Fountain’s regular commenters, “Jack”, claiming to have acquired information on Cyndee Royale’s Amex and Visa purchases:

more from Fountain post - commenter claims to have Cyndee Royale's AmEx and Visa card histories

And yes, it turns out that Chris Fountain isn’t exactly the enlightened friend to women that he makes himself out to be when he’s trying to defend the indefensible. He stated of Journal-News reporter Heather Salerno “I believe she manned the free condom table” at her college — i.e., he’s saying he thinks she was a dirty nasty slut in college, but did so in a way that allows him to avoid using the S-word. This actually got one of his conservative readers to chide him a bit, saying “Why did you go the low road with THAT one? I thought this was supposed to be a game of my-journalistic-ethics-are-better-than-yours. But now… you have undermined everything you have accomplished over the past 3 days via this one 8-word post up above.”

Outraged con chides Chris Fountain for his sexism RE female reporter

3 Responses to “Pro-Gun Blogger Fountain Has Anti-Woman Friends”

  1. Charles II said

    Yes, our incitement laws should forbid this.

    Added: I notice that one of the commenters, Jack, posts “I’ve gained access to Cyndee Royale’s AmEx and Visa card histories.”

    • Stormcrow said

      I’m sure the FBI will be fascinated to learn that!

      • Charles II said

        I wish they would be fascinated to learn that, Stormcrow. Unfortunately the FBI has been typically either indifferent to or complicit in right-wing campaigns of domestic terror. You may have read about how the entire Occupy Movement, from its inception, was treated as an enemy of the State:

        MARA VERHEYDEN-HILLIARD: Well, the documents, as you stated, show that the FBI and American intelligence agencies were monitoring and reporting on Occupy Wall Street before the first tent even went up in Zuccotti Park. The documents that we have been able to obtain show the FBI communicating with the New York Stock Exchange in August of 2011 about the upcoming Occupy demonstrations, about plans for the protests. It shows them meeting with or communicating with private businesses. And throughout the materials, there is repeated evidence of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, American intelligence agencies really working as a private intelligence arm for corporations, for Wall Street, for the banks, for the very entities that people were rising up to protest against.

        even in these heavily redacted documents, you can see the FBI using at least private entities as a proxy force for what appears to be infiltration. There is—there are documents that show the Federal Reserve in Richmond was reporting to the FBI, working with the Capitol Police in Virginia, and reporting and giving updates on planning meetings and discussions within the Occupy movement. That would appear, minimally, that they were sending undercovers, if not infiltrators, into those meetings.

        There is another document that shows the FBI meeting with private port security officers in Anchorage, Alaska, in advance of the West Coast port actions. And that document has that private port security person saying that they are going to go attend a planning meeting of the demonstrators, and they’re reporting back to the FBI. They coordinate with the FBI. The FBI says that they will put them in touch with someone from the Anchorage Police Department, that that person should take the police department officer with him, as well.

        And so these documents also show the intense coordination both with private businesses, with Wall Street, with the banks, and with state police departments and local police departments around the country.

        But right-wing movements? The FBI was almost completely unaware of the Patriot movement before Tim McViegh blew up the Murrah Federal Building.

        So, I would be very pleased if the FBI were fascinated by a right-wing blogger claiming to have (and releasing elements of) the credit card information of a newspaper editor in a rather obvious attempt “to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).”

        It would mean they were doing something constructive.

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