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The wheels of justice

Posted by Charles II on December 29, 2012

Some of you may know Victor Jara, a Chilean musician who was swept up in the Pinochet mass arrests and executed. The legend is that, while interned at the Chile sports stadium (now Victor Jara Stadium), he encouraged resistance by playing his guitar. When his captors smashed his fingers and told him to play, he continued his defiance by singing until at last they silenced him with machine gun bullets. It probably happened a little differently, but there’s no doubt that he faced death bravely.

Aside from politics, he was just a great guitarist and vocalist.

Via Bohica at DK, his killers have been indicted: Lieutenant Pedro Barrientos, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Sánchez, and six more.

I hope God adds a little to their sentence for their crimes against acoustic guitar.

Hear Arlo sing his story.
Update: Litho has more.

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  1. Thanks for this, Charles. I had heard of him but never heard his music to my knowledge.

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