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Surprise! States With More Public Works Have Happier, Healthier Residents

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 1, 2013

There’s a Bloomberg video link which I found quite interesting. It’s to a video where the most and least miserable states were ranked. And guess what? The most miserable ones are in that place of the country where (aside from roads built by convicts) there is no great tradition of publicly-built and publicly-owned infrastructure, where the middle class was never all that strong and is now nonexistent, where egalitarianism had no chance with a filthy-rich planter class lording it over everyone else (and which used racism to keep everyone else divided and thus unable to overthrow the planter class), and which has governors like Bobby Jindal and Haley Barbour:

Bloomberg's Top Five Miserable States of 2012

Compare this to the five least miserable states, all of which have long egalitarian traditions and civic-mindedness and far less income inequality, and most of which have long histories of publicly-funded and publicly-owned infrastructure (one of them even has a state-owned bank that is the envy of Wall Street):

Bloomberg's Least Miserable States of 2012

Now, there’s a message here. Think you can figure out what it is, FOX News watchers?

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3 Responses to “Surprise! States With More Public Works Have Happier, Healthier Residents”

  1. Stormcrow said

    Ah! I see Mississippi ranks as THE most miserable state in the union.

    Imagine my surprise!

    I spent only years there, but I’ll never forget them. And I will never,EVER be back.

    I’d prefer living in Arizona, and that’s an annex of Hell.

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