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Maddow Rising. The Eclipse of FOX

Posted by Charles II on January 2, 2013

Via Ritholtz, this cheering news from David Wagner, The Atlantic Wire:

After prophesying a landslide win for Mitt Romney, Fox News has seen its ratings decline a lot more than usual since the election — and Sean Hannity’s viewers in particular keep disappearing, while Rachel Maddow’s continue to tune in over at rival MSNBC.

The last batch of Nielsen data available before year’s end shows Hannity’s viewership getting chopped in half after November 6, according to the New York Daily News’s Don Kaplan. Politico’s Dylan Byers argues this decline simply brings Hannity back to pre-election norms. Or perhaps these vanishing viewers are just disgruntled voters who can’t stomach the news cycle anymore. Kaplan, however, attributes this decline to Hannity’s implied predictions


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  1. I suspect that Karl Rove’s famous Election Night meltdown had a lot to do with this as well.

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