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Thursday Morning News Roundup: Robots, Solar, Schleswig-Holstein, And Edina’s Vanished African-Americans

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 3, 2013


William Lazonick: If robots really stole jobs as Paul Krugman thinks, Japan’s unemployment rate (currently at 4.1%, which is just over half of ours at 7.7%) would be much higher than ours. Don’t blame robots, blame greedy CEOs and boards of directors.

— Siemens has installed a solar-powered cooling system in its offices in Bangalore, India. I suspect one reason for this, beyond being green, is the fact that India’s power infrastructure is very flimsy and only a fool would depend on that infrastructure without having a backup plan.

— The German province of Schleswig-Holstein is about one-eighth the size of Iowa in terms of land mass, yet it has nearly as much electrical power coming from its land-based wind installations as Iowa does from its own installations — and it is poised to double its existing land-based wind power capacity. And Schleswig-Holstein already gets nearly half its total energy from its wind farms. (Meanwhile, the cost of “too cheap to meter” nuclear plants just keeps going up.)

— The ritzy Minneapolis suburb of Edina was once a place where black settlers like Beverly Claiborne Yancey played prominent roles. But by the early 20th century their numbers were on the decline, leaving Edina to be lily-white for decades afterward. What happened and why?

So what’s going on in your neck of the woods?


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