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Murdochgate grinds forward

Posted by Charles II on January 9, 2013

Lisa O’Carroll, The Guardian:

News International has agreed to settle 130 civil damages claims for News of the World phone hacking with individuals including Cherie Blair, David Beckham’s father, and actor James Nesbitt, at a cost to the company expected to run into millions.

The publisher of the now-closed Sunday tabloid faces 167 phone-hacking damages claims filed by September from almost 180 individuals, after settling more than 50 earlier in 2012 from individuals including Lord Prescott, Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

“…expected to run into millions”

Oh the pity of it! The News of the World was a 130M pound (annually) business. Murdoch upends the lives of over a hundred people and he has to sacrifice perhaps 10% of the proceeds of one year?

Where is the deterrence in this?


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