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Colin Powell Strongly Endorses Hagel: Take THAT, Neocons Who Lied Us Into Iraq!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 14, 2013

Yet another person whose judgement counts for something has come out in Chuck Hagel’s corner:

Colin Powell said Sunday that Chuck Hagel would be confirmed secretary of defense, offering a ringing endorsement of the decorated war hero and former Republican senator from Nebraska.

The former secretary of state said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” that Hagel is “superbly qualified” and “will make a very spirited defense of his positions” when he appears before the Senate.

It’s not surprising that Secretary Powell, whose career and presidential aspirations were hamstrung by the same neocon twits who lied us into war and who hate Chuck Hagel, would have the senator’s six on this matter.

Dear Senator Hagel, please promise me this: That you will tell President Obama to nominate Max Cleland in your place, should the neocons succeed in blocking your nomination.


5 Responses to “Colin Powell Strongly Endorses Hagel: Take THAT, Neocons Who Lied Us Into Iraq!”

  1. Charles II said

    Why am I not feeling pumped by the sight of the current nominee getting the endorsement of one of the guys who lied us into Iraq?

    Yes, I admit that there’s a certain schadenfreude in watching these incredibly pompous, self-important Republican Senators thumping their chests and announcing they’ll never accept a nominee that, yes, they will accept. But our whole State/Defense lineup is showing no signs of going to a peacetime status. With the actions in Mali and Somalia, it sounds like they’re just ramping up another splendid little war.

    • jo6pac said

      Yep, chuck just another neo-conn joining up with 0. It would mean something to me if Max Cleland was coming to this job.

    • Phoenix Woman said

      You have to remember that Colin Powell was in a tricky spot, especially for a person like him. Cheney likely had already heard about how he and Schwarzkopf tag-teamed to keep Cheney from ordering the 82nd Airborne to be dropped into downtown Baghdad during Desert Storm. (It’s in Schwarzkopf’s book.) Cheney and Rumsfeld and the rest of the PNAC crew — especially those embedded in the Pentagon — had him outflanked. And there was the example of Thomas White, the former Enron “imaginary profits” exec who got nailed for his one act of conscience in trying to stop the PNAC juggernaut’s plan to invade Iraq.

      So Powell was essentially shut down and made to toe the PNAC line — and being the somewhat weak-spined man he is, he did. But he sought his revenge as soon as he felt it “safe” to do so.

      • jo6pac said

        I hear what you’re saying to bad he was weaked spinned because he could have resigned and told the truth as any good officer should. Yeh right;)

      • Charles II said

        As Jo says, PW, Colin Powell is extraordinarily weak-spined.

        This is the guy who is still saying, well, yes by Jove, I suppose the Republicans are anti-black. But he’s a Republican… maybe because of how well they treat the troops.

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