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Things To Watch In The Coming Weeks

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 26, 2013

Some things to watch in the coming weeks:

— In addition to violating the state constitution as already noted, did the Virginia Senate Republicans’ coup attempt flout it in yet another manner? Paul Goldman at Blue Virginia thinks so, arguing that since the Virginia constitution states that no bill creating things like new taxes or new offices (such as state senate seats, which would happen under the re-redistricting plotted by the Virginia GOP Senate caucus) “shall be passed except by the affirmative vote of a majority of all the members elected to each house“, that means that 21 votes, not 20, were needed to pass that bill. In other words, it can’t just be a majority of all the senators present at that date and time, but a majority of all the current sitting senators, which is 21.

— The Frank Vennes trial starts February 5. Vennes is a longtime associate of Tom Petters and was a prominent donor to the Republican Party of Minnesota, so much in bed with the local GOP that Michele Bachmann tried to get him pardoned for his prior criminal convictions.

The two people who have done the true journalism concerning this case are Karl Bremer and Ken Avidor, and Karl Bremer sadly passed away earlier this month. When you read any Big Media stories about Vennes, chances will be good that much if not most of the reporting will have been lifted without attribution from either Karl or Ken.


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