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Why You Should Read Bluestem Prairie, Groundhog Day Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 2, 2013

Why should you read Bluestem Prairie? Because of stories like this one on a particularly stupid and crazy state rep’s playing with imaginary legislation:

Publicity-hungry Representative Tony Cornish (R-Good Thunder) is withdrawing two controversial bills he didn’t yet introduce, and will fight for NRA lobbyists’ talking points instead in the coming gun legislation hearings in the Minnesota House  Public Safety Committee.


When Bluestem reads through the introduction of bills (January 31, January 28, January 24, January 22, January 17, January 14,  and January 10), we don’t see that Cornish ever introduced that bill. We checked with friends who know about these sorts of things, and were told that if he had actually introduced the bills that he claims to have withdrawn, a record would exist for the legislation.

In short, Cornish is once more all hat and no hopper.

And there are also these two stories on neo-Nazism in Southern Minnesota, here and here — and the connection to the anti-immigrant movement in the state.

Go forth and read, and toss her a few shekels if you’re so minded. Thanks!


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