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Dan Burton, Anti-Vaccine Lunacy, And Scientology

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 4, 2013

While reading Orac’s recent post on how budding antivaccine activist Jake Crosby has turned against the SafeMinds people who trained and indoctrinated him in antivaccine doctrine, I noted with great interest Orac’s quotation of the following words of Crosby’s:

For several months, I was under the impression that SafeMinds led preparation for the hearing. However, I later learned that SafeMinds’ involvement actually began when one of Dr. Hooker’s co-organizers revealed the news about the upcoming hearing to SafeMinds’ Government Affairs Committee Chair Mark Blaxill at AutismOne. From there, SafeMinds hired external consultant Beth Clay – former Burton Staffer and experienced Washington-based lobbyist (who now also happens to be International Ambassador to the Scientology Front “Citizens Commission on Human Rights”) to lobby on SafeMinds’ behalf. Neither Clay nor Uram has a familial connection to autism, to my knowledge.

Yes, the “Burton” referred to is none other than the now former Republican Congressmember from Indiana, Dan Burton, who as a lame duck was allowed by his old buddy Darrell Issa to organize a final farce, a hearing on autism that was actually an excuse to gather up as many antivaccine activists from SafeMinds and other sources to deliver slanted slags against vaccines. Crosby had wanted to testify, but was kept from doing so by the SafeMinds personnel, apparently because they realized he would not show their group and cause in the best light. He got revenge by publishing large swaths of private correspondence between himself and various SafeMinds members, an act that Orac describes thus: “He’s just gotten his first real lesson in realpolitik. Unfortunately for him, he’s chosen to react to that defeat by burning all his bridges with his creators and masters. In fact, he hasn’t just burned the bridges, he’s soaked the bridges with napalm and then stood there with a flamethrower until nothing remains but soot by betraying the confidences of several of the leaders of SafeMinds.”

But did you note who Burton’s staffer was? Beth Clay, longtime member of a key Scientology front group .

Kinda explains a lot, doesn’t it?



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