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The Post Office Isn’t Going Broke: It’s Being Robbed

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 12, 2013

The following is a public service announcement courtesy of Credo:

Dear Friend,

The United States Postal Service has just announced that due to budget
shortfalls, mail will no longer be delivered on Saturdays starting in

It’s true the post office faces financial challenges. But the financial
problems are in large part a direct result of an onerous and
ill-considered 2006 law called the “Postal Accountability and Enhancement
Act” (PAEA) that mandates pre-funding the postal service retiree health
care and pension benefits for 75 years — something that no other
government agency or private company is forced to do.

The vast majority — 85% — of the budget red ink comes from this
pre-funding mandate. The PAEA was created by Republicans intent on goal:
Killing a government service for the sake of ‘proving’ that government can’t

Tell Congress: Don’t let Republicans kill the Post Office.

You know what to do.


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