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Murdochgate expands again

Posted by Charles II on February 13, 2013

Lisa O’Carroll and Josh Halliday, The Guardian:

Six former News of the World journalists, two of whom now work for the Sun, have been arrested by Scotland Yard officers investigating a new line of inquiry in relation to phone hacking.

In a dramatic new twist to the phone-hacking scandal on Wednesday morning, the Metropolitan police said in a statement that it had identified a further suspected conspiracy to intercept voicemail messages by three men and three women that is alleged to have taken place between 2005 and 2006.

“Detectives on Operation Weeting have identified a further suspected conspiracy to intercept telephone voicemails by a number of employees who worked for the now defunct News of the World newspaper,” the Met said.

Unfortunately, Murdoch has managed so far to tourniquet off the British tabloid side of his empire, and continues to buy up American communications. He and James have so far escaped prosecution for what was pretty obviously a scheme ordered from on high. The only bright spot is that FOX News may have belatedly recognized that no one believes their political propaganda except the zombie right, which means that their audience is dying off.


4 Responses to “Murdochgate expands again”

  1. Phoenix Woman said

    Yup. Their audience is the elderly white male demographic, and that’s shrinking fast.

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