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Christopher Dorner And The LAPD’s Collateral Damage

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 16, 2013

From an excellent Salon piece by David Cay Johnston, in his discussion of the innocent civilians who the LAPD shot up in their quest to take out Christopher Dorner:

Tom Bradley raised this problem of police putting their safety ahead of those they are sworn to protect shortly after he was elected mayor in 1973.

Bradley told me in 1981 that he asked Police Chief Ed Davis to explain why 300 officers were assigned to rooftop and perimeter patrols at police divisions (called precinct houses in most cities). Davis said police needed protection from armed criminals, citing an infamous incident in the mostly black South Central area where several people stood up at a meeting and urged killing officers.

Years later it came out that those urging attacks on police were all undercover officers, part of a massive worldwide LAPD spying operation in which some officers posed as leading communists and radicals for two decades, including officers in Havana and Moscow. (Doubters are invited to read “Chief: My Life in the LAPD,” by the late Daryl F. Gates, especially pages 72 and 23, as well as my articles about LAPD spying, brutality and mismanagement in the Los Angeles Times in 1980 until early 1983.)

Mayor Bradley said he told Chief Davis that “if armed men inside police stations need protection then unarmed citizens of this city need it more – now get those men out on the streets.” Davis soon put these officers back on the streets.

Nice work if you can get it.


2 Responses to “Christopher Dorner And The LAPD’s Collateral Damage”

  1. Charles II said

    The paragraph on agents provocateur just goes to show how easily our perception of reality can be manipulated by those in power. And it adds to my belief that protest movements have to energetically shun and, if possible, eject people who advocate violence or illegal actions aside from non-provocative civil disobedience of any kind. Yes, people who are not paid by the police sometimes get frustrated and advocate violence. They need to be wised up.

    Amazing that DC Johnston is a Republican.

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