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FOX News Lies About Solar Power. Sun Rises In East. Water Is Wet.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 21, 2013

NREL data - photovoltaic solar resources - US and Germany

Wow, FOX is really working to earn atta-boys from the dirty-energy folks:

From the network that brought you WMD in Iraq, we learn that sure, solar power works in wacky places like Germany, but it would never work in the US because the Germans, bronze gods that they are, get far more sunlight than gloomy, cold, rainy America.  (Spoiler alert: It’s a lie.)


How could anyone think that Germany has more sun than the US, where we have sunny states such as Florida, Arizona? (And don’t rely on my anecdotes, check out the map below.) The Fox News guest really misses the mark in a way that only can be experienced on Fox News:

Joshi’s jaw-dropping response: “They’re a smaller country, and they’ve got lots of sun. Right? They’ve got a lot more sun than we do.” In case that wasn’t clear enough for some viewers, Joshi went on: “The problem is it’s a cloudy day and it’s raining, you’re not gonna have it.” Sure, California might get sun now and then, Joshi conceded, “but here on the East Coast, it’s just not going to work.”

And for those wondering about the real world differences for sun in the US compared to Germany, Media Matters has a helpful map to clear up any confusion.

I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing the map and putting it at the top of this post. The yellows and reds are the strongest for solar power, the purples and blues the weakest, and the greens are in the middle. Guess what? Germany’s nearly all blues and purples, while aside from Alaska the US is nearly all greens, yellows and reds. Yet the Germans have no problems ramping up their solar power commitment.


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