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A book to understand the financial crisis

Posted by Charles II on February 24, 2013

Alan Blinder on C-Span describes his book After the Music Stopped.

2 Responses to “A book to understand the financial crisis”

  1. It seems like a lot of very important stuff is coming out, but I don’t see anything changing.

    Steven Brill’s 26,000 word investigative piece on the healthcare industry illuminates another part of this mess. Hospitals now mark up tests by 11 times if you’re not on Medicare. Eleven times, and since they’re mostly nonprofits that just frees up more money to overpay the business managers who are responsible for driving healthcare costs through the ceiling.

    Between global warming, increased food costs and c.) all of the above, you should start a pool on which U.S. city will be burned down by rioters first.

    • Charles II said

      I keep hoping that prospective rioters will remember that we have to live somewhere, and if you burn down your own houses, you won’t have one. This can be a problem in Minnesota in February, as all too many homeless people know.

      One of the goals of Obamacare was to install best practices. That would eliminate a major source of overcharging. Getting everyone on insurance would give the insurance companies an incentive to steer you away from overpriced institutions. I thought Brill’s article was long on anecdote and could have benefited on how the new healthcare law is intended to work.

      And, yes, I do think Medicare for all is the best solution. But Obamacare is what we have for the time being.

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