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Hoocoodanode? Vatican edition of C&L

Posted by Charles II on March 12, 2013

I’ll abbreviate Communion and Liberation as C&L for reasons abundantly obvious below.

John Allen, Jr., National Catholic Reporter, from May 2012:

For a long time it was Opus Dei, and then, even before massive sex scandals exploded around their founder, it was the Legionaries of Christ. Today, at least in Italy, it now seems Communion and Liberation’s turn to be the conservative Catholic group generating the most controversy, the sexiest news headlines, and the greatest volume of conspiracy theories.

That’s likely a special source of heartburn for Pope Benedict XVI, for whom Communion and Liberation has always been his personal favorite among the new movements in the Catholic church.

[According to an unnamed Italian newspaper] businesses with ties to Communion and Liberation control assets in excess of almost $100 billion, representing five percent of Italy’s Gross Domestic Product.

John Hooper and Lizzie Davies, The Guardian:

But even as preparations for the mass were being made, Cardinal Angelo Scola, the archbishop of Milan – and reportedly the hot favourite to be the next pope – suffered a blow.

Anti-mafia detectives swooped on homes, offices, clinics and hospitals in Lombardy, the region around Milan, and elsewhere. A statement said the dawn raids were part of an investigation into “corruption linked to tenders by, and supplies to, hospitals”.

Healthcare in Lombardy is the principal responsibility of the regional administration, which for the past 18 years has been run by Roberto Formigoni, a childhood friend of Scola and the leading political representative of the Communion and Liberation fellowship. Until recently, Scola was seen as the conservative group’s most distinguished ecclesiastical spokesman.

The regional administration headed by Formigoni – a member of Silvio Berlusconi’s party – collapsed last October amid a welter of accusations regarding alleged corruption and misconduct.

Scola, who has headed the Milan archdiocese since 2011… entered the conclave as favourite after the Italian daily Corriere della Sera reported that his supporters were confident he had the support of up to 50 of the 115 cardinal-electors.

It’s a complicated story, but the gist is that the Milan branch of C&L, a right-wing Catholic organization, is up to its eyeballs in criminal activity. Formigioni is the equivalent of its Bill Donohue and also the equivalent of their Tom Donohue. He’s a senior member of C&L. And C&L was so close to the last pope, i.e., Benedict, that Benedict had them running his household. And, oh by the way, Scola was C&L’s most senior spokesman until last year, when he “publicly rebuked the movement after its leader was found to have written to Pope Benedict, implicitly criticising the cardinal’s liberal predecessors in the Milan archdiocese.”

Quite a close call. If he’d waited a few more months, the Formigoni scandal would have broken.

And now for the piece d’resistance, courtesy of Bill Hoffman of NewsMax, last week:

Catholic League: Italian Cardinal Scola ‘Safe’ Choice for Pope

The Vatican should tap Italy’s Archbishop of Milan as the successor to Pope Benedict if it wants a safe bet, says Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

“If they want to play it safe, go with [Cardinal] Angelo Scola,’’ Donohue told Steve Malzberg on Newsmax’s “The Steve Malzberg Show.’’

Hoocoodanode that Scola–the favorite to become Pope– would be linked, however indirectly, to the Mafia?


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