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Good news for those who aren’t particularly UP

Posted by Charles II on March 14, 2013

David Taintor, TPM:

MSNBC announced Thursday that Chris Hayes will take over the network’s 8 p.m. ET primetime slot.

Hayes will take over the time slot currently occupied by Ed Schultz, who will move his program to weekend evenings. Hayes takes over the 8 p.m. hour starting Monday, April 1, MSNBC said.

Hayes is an extraordinarily knowledgeable host who will probably do better in interviews against right-wing mouthpieces than good-hearted, but slow-…footed Ed Schultz did. It’s a plus for MSNBC to move him out of the Saturday 6AM Pacific Time ghetto that they put him in and into a slot that’s watched coast-to-coast.

Ed says he volunteered for the switch, because it will give him more time to develop in-depth stories. Certainly he did an amazing, excellent interview with Scott Prouty, who explained with great dignity why he released the 47% film that knocked the Romney campaign off-balance. It will probably also give Ed a little more time with his wife, who has just been through cancer hell.

More like this, please.


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