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Communion and Liberation, a detailed look at one of Pope Francis’s allegiances

Posted by Charles II on March 21, 2013

Jamie Manson, NCR:

In his 2011 book La Lobby di Dio (God’s Lobby), Ferruccio Pinotti argues CL [Communion and Liberation] is “more powerful than Opus Dei, more well-oiled than freemasonry, and more ‘plugged in’ than Confindustria, Italy’s manufacturer’s association.”

Much of what I have learned about CL, other than from the organization’s website, comes from the essay “Comunione e Liberazione: A Fundamentalist Idea of Power,” written by theologian and political scientist Dario Zadra.

Much like evangelical Protestantism, CL understands the central, saving event of one’s life begins with a graced encounter with Christ. But unlike the Protestants, CL understands the saving agent to be the Roman Catholic church.

Obedience to the authority of the church seems as crucial to Pope Francis as it did to his predecessor and as it does to CL. In a 2005 profile of Cardinal Bergoglio, Jose Maria Poirier, editor of the Argentinean Catholic magazine Criterio, wrote, “He exercised his authority as provincial with an iron fist, calmly demanding strict obedience and clamping down on critical voices. Many Jesuits complained that he considered himself the sole interpreter of St Ignatius of Loyola, and to this day speak of him warily.”

This belief in the inerrancy of the church influences CL’s understanding of human conscience.

Those who are convinced that Francis’ zeal for the poor and marginalized will lead him to engage the secular world without the broader agenda of “evangelizing” it ought to learn more about CL’s belief that the church’s authoritative truth is binding on all of society.


3 Responses to “Communion and Liberation, a detailed look at one of Pope Francis’s allegiances”

  1. Dickeylee said

    Sounds like Scalia’s kinda Pope! Sure was a lot of young boys front and center this last week around the pomp of a new Pope, no?

    • Charles II said

      I will hope and pray that Francis is sincere and will clean up the mess in the Church. Too many people have been hurt, and will continue to be hurt if that doesn’t happen.

  2. Hoo boy.

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