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Death squads in Honduras run by the police, funded by US/updated

Posted by Charles II on March 29, 2013

Adrienne links a video report from Al Jazeera on the Honduran death squads. The case that Bonilla is running these kidnappings/murders is circumstantial, but that’s not exactly surprising. Most of the witnesses are dead.

Meanwhile, as we have posted, the State Department continues to dissemble and distract. As Adrienne notes, the State Department is describing its handling of the allegations against Bonilla as “internal deliberations.” Under the Leahy Law, funding death squads is illegal. My suggestion: arrest the State Department. Most Latin American countries would be very grateful.

El Heraldo (amazingly) posted video from November of the operation of one of the death squads (via Mark Weisbrot, The Guardian).

Weisbrot’s description:

The video (warning: contains graphic images of lethal violence), caught randomly on a warehouse security camera, is chilling.

Five young men walk down a quiet street in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A big black SUV pulls up, followed by a second vehicle. Two masked men with bullet-proof vests jump out of the lead car, with AK-47s raised. The two youths closest to the vehicles see that they have no chance of running, so they freeze and put their hands in the air. The other three break into a sprint, with bullets chasing after them from the assassins’ guns. Miraculously, they escape, with one injured – but the two who surrendered are forced to lie face down on the ground. The two students, who were brothers 18- and 20-years-old, are murdered with a burst of bullets, in full view of the camera. Less than 40 seconds after their arrival, the assassins are driving away, never to be found.

Wonder if Juan Carlos Bonilla, the Honduran police chief, was among the killers.

Bertha Oliva of COFADEH also states her view of the return of the death squads here (via Adrienne). Excerpt:

The death squads of the past were never really dismantled. What we’re witnessing is a reactivation of these death squads. And we’re seeing it quite clearly. We’ve seen videos of incidents in the street where masked men with military training and unmarked vehicles assassinate young people. There is the recent case of the journalist Julio Ernesto Alvarado who gave up his news program from 10pm to midnight on Radio Globo because members of a death squad came to kill him, and to save his own life he had to stop doing his program.


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  1. jo6pac said

    My suggestion: arrest the State Department. Most Latin American countries would be very grateful

    So very true but leave out the cia and their drug runners

  2. And absolute silence on all of this in most of the US media the average person is likely to see.

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