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Even The Financial Times Has Nice Things To Say About Mondragon

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 8, 2013

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw this article in the Financial Times (registration required) saying very nice things about the Mondragon Corporation in the Basque region of Spain.

What seems to have impressed Miles Johnson, the author of the FT piece, was the speed with which a collectively organized company like Mondragon can respond to market opportunities. He cites a situation that occurred in 2009 where various European governments introduced policies intended to stimulate automobile purchases. This meant that carmakers, who had scaled back production and thus orders for parts, suddenly had to get parts supplied to them, and fast. Mondragon informed its workers in its automotive parts divisions of this opportunity and asked if they were willing to work extra hours to fulfill these parts orders. They were, and soon the carmakers were able to meet the boost in demand.

Mondragon is by no means perfect, as its own workers will tell you without your even having to ask. But it’s a good start at working out how workplace democracy can thrive in the modern world.


2 Responses to “Even The Financial Times Has Nice Things To Say About Mondragon”

  1. Charles II said

    And without workplace democracy, democracy itself cannot function properly: the person who lives in fear of losing his job for speaking out against wrong at work is also a person who will live in fear of speaking out against wrong outside of work.

    I really don’t think Americans even begin to grasp how unfree we actually are… or how many of us have unconsciously absorbed the inhibitions necessary to be vassals subservient to those who write the paycheck.

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