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Cutting The Deathtrap F-35 Would Save More $ Than Cutting Social Security

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 10, 2013

This needs to be shouted from the rooftops:

Below is what would be “saved” using chained-CPI.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (pdf), the president’s proposal to use the chained CPI to calculate cost-of-living increases would save the government $127 billion over ten years by cutting Social Security, and $36 billion over ten years by cutting “programs affecting veterans and the poorest elderly and disabled.” That’s a grand total of $163 billion over ten years from hitting seniors, veterans and the disabled.

Meanwhile, just eliminating The Jet That Ate the Pentagon from the Pentagon’s budget would save this much:


Consider the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Last year, Winslow Wheeler reported that the acquisition cost for the F-35 had risen to $379.4 billion for 2,457 aircraft. That’s just the cost to buy the planes, not to fly and maintain them. According to Wheeler, “The current appraisal for operations and support is $1.1 trillion – making for a grand total of $1.5 trillion, or more than the annual GDP of Spain.”

So, we can either cut Social Security, Medicare, and the Veterans Health Administration by $163 billion at a time when by honest estimates over a quarter of Americans are living in poverty and many are eating catfood as it is, or we can save far more money — $1.5 trillion — by eliminating a plane that many of its pilots consider a deathtrap for pilots.

If we lived in a real democracy, the deathtrap would be long gone. But since we live in a plutocracy, we have to make our voices heard now to stop this charade.


2 Responses to “Cutting The Deathtrap F-35 Would Save More $ Than Cutting Social Security”

  1. Sorry to be a cynic, but Obama’s heard us loud and clear, and he’s spending where he’s told to spend, and cutting where he’s told to cut. Very fair and even: the 1% gets the spending, the 99% gets the cuts.

  2. I just realized I put in the wrong $ amount — fixing right now.

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