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Riverbend’s Farewell: Iraq Ten Years After It Was Invaded, Occupied, And Plundered

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 14, 2013

I’d wondered what happened to Riverbend after October of 2007, when she was writing from what was then calm and peaceful Damascus. Now we know, as she has re-opened her long-dormant blog to write what is probably her farewell:

And what happened to Riverbend and my family? I eventually moved from Syria. I moved before the heavy fighting, before it got ugly. That’s how fortunate I was. I moved to another country nearby, stayed almost a year, and then made another move to a third Arab country with the hope that, this time, it’ll stick until… Until when? Even the pessimists aren’t sure anymore. When will things improve? When will be able to live normally? How long will it take?

For those of you who are disappointed reality has reared its ugly head again, go to Fox News, I’m sure they have a reportage that will soothe your conscience.

Go there, read the whole thing, and then share it with someone who still thinks invading Iraq was a good idea.


4 Responses to “Riverbend’s Farewell: Iraq Ten Years After It Was Invaded, Occupied, And Plundered”

  1. Charles II said

    Speaking of witnessing, Riverbend has done it in spades. She is a hero.

  2. jo6pac said

    May be we all could send her an Email asking her to keep writing when she can and if there is anything we might be able to help with.

  3. Stormcrow said

    Thank you for the update.

    I’m very glad to hear she got out of Dodge, before the roof fell in.

    I checked in at her blog several times since the civil war started, and I saw nothing new. I was afraid she’d dropped out of communication because she was uprooted by the fighting, or worse.

    I’ve been seriously worried about her.

    • Charles II said

      You can write to her, Stormcrow. In her post, she said that e-mails from supportive people helped her to endure what she’s gone through. E-dress is at her site.

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