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Venezuela’s Maduro re-elected with 1.5% margin, 93% counted/updated

Posted by Charles II on April 15, 2013

So says Telesur.

He very nearly lost himself the election–he was tipped to win by double digits. Let’s hope Maduro is better at governing than at running for office.
Update: Oh, great. The loser, Henrique Capriles is apparently serious in refusing to recognize the election, and has called for street protests. He is demanding a 100% recount, which legal experts say is not envisioned in the law.

While we have learned to expect irredentist tactics from the right, this is truly moronic. And it is matched by our State Department, which has failed to join Latin America in congratulating Maduro on his victory, instead focusing on the recount and calling him “candidate Maduro.” They could have sprung for “president-elect,” but they apparently continue to believe that behaving like a–holes will win hearts and minds.

Marc Weisbrot has a column in The Guardian.


2 Responses to “Venezuela’s Maduro re-elected with 1.5% margin, 93% counted/updated”

  1. All too telling, and all too common — the US, given the choice between backing the person who’s working for the people and the person who’s working for the elites, backs the person who is working for the elites.

    When was the last time our government didn’t back the person who worked for the elites? That was probably when Clinton half-heartedly backed Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti, and that lasted only until Bush got into office.

    • Charles II said

      As Clinton was half-heartedly supporting Aristide, the CIA was whole-heartedly overthrowing him. It is not at all clear that US presidents are actually in control of the military/paramilitary part of our government.

      I don’t know if Maduro is working for the people or if Capriles would have worked for the elites. I just don’t know enough about the wrinkles of Venezuelan politics or about the two individuals to know who is best for Venezuela.

      Neither does the State Department. Unfortunately, they think they do. I wish Americans would just let other people elect whoever they want to. It’s an almost-forgotten something called “democracy.”

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