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Ornstein’s swan song: GOP sucks

Posted by Charles II on April 16, 2013

20 years too late, Norm Ornstein sees the light, The Hill

There are no more moderate or liberal Republicans — the Sherwood Boehlerts, John Porters, Amo Houghtons and Michael N. Castles are long gone. What now passes for a moderate would have been considered a bedrock conservative in the early 1990s.

The House GOP has veered sharply, even drastically, to the right from what already was a pretty rightist center of gravity.

But more important has been the attitudinal change. Respect for the institution of Congress — much less for the framers’ vision of policymaking through deliberation, debate and an effort to find common ground, or at least grounds for compromise — has been replaced by obduracy, contempt for compromise and a level of demonization of the other side, starting with the president.

The ‘wingers are just doing what their masters tell them to do. Wreck government so that corporations and the wealthy can rule.


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  1. Capitalism hates limits to growth: Legal, religious, moral, whatever. By its very nature, it is a) unsustainable and b) unbalanced.

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