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Gag reflex

Posted by Charles II on May 3, 2013

Obama showers praise on Peña Nieto

Barack Obama discusses business and the drug war with Mexican president

US president plays down war on drugs and praises Enrique Peña Nieto for his boldness over economic reforms

The two presidents announced the formation of a high-level working group to explore ways of pushing the economic relationship forward, and Obama showered praise on Peña Nieto for his “boldness” in pushing economic reforms within Mexico

“We had a wonderful relationship with President Calderón,” Obama said, “This is a partnership that will continue.”

Jo Tuckman wrote the article. She didn’t write the headline or the front page link shown in bold. The Guardian is responsible. But just seeing this applied to a president who is generally believed to be completely incompetent, to have been brought into office through electoral fraud and bribery, and who is currently pushing to privatize the national patrimony for the benefit of Big Oil… one almost longs for Dubya.

Added: Richard Grabner‘s take on the visit.

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