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Mao Pushed TCM For The Masses, But Saw Real Doctors Himself

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 4, 2013

That’s right — the guy who promoted a rejiggered version of what he called “traditional Chinese medicine” not only preferred “Western” medicine, he even told his own personal doctor — Dr. Li Zhisui, who was trained in the West — that he didn’t believe in traditional Chinese medicine:

Mao laughed. ‘The theory of yin and yang and the five elements really is very difficult,’ he said. ‘The theory is used by doctors of Chinese medicine to explain the physiological and pathological conditions of the human body. What I believe is that Chinese and Western medicine should be integrated. Well-trained doctors of Western medicine should learn Chinese medicine; senior doctors of Chinese medicine should learn anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, pathology, and so on. They should learn how to use modern science to explain the principles of Chinese medicine. They should translate some classical Chinese medicine books into modern language, with proper annotations and explanations. Then a new medical science, based on the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, can emerge. That would be a great contribution to the world.’

He paused to reflect. ‘Even though I believe we should promote Chinese medicine, I personally do not believe in it. I don’t take Chinese medicine. Don’t you think that is strange?’

I agreed that it was strange. Publicly, the Chairman was the leading advocate of traditional medicine, but he refused to use it himself.

More on this can be found here.


4 Responses to “Mao Pushed TCM For The Masses, But Saw Real Doctors Himself”

  1. MEC said

    Kinda like all those people in Congress who push “You’re on your own” for the masses while enjoying taxpayer-funded “Cadillac” health care and retirement benefits.

  2. Charles II said

    It’s not a surprise to me. Look at what is driving the use of herbal medicine in the US: cost, which means that the quality of traditional medicine is declining, leading to a suspicion of/resentment toward traditional medicine.

  3. MarkH said

    Very Republican of him. How did Mao and Nixon ever discuss anything without just laughing out loud at all the idiotic lies they told each other?

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