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Israel-Firsters Lying Like Rugs, This Time About Stephen Hawking

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 14, 2013

I expected to see the world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking come under an intense and hateful firestorm of attacks from the Israel-Can-Do-No-Wrong Lobby. But what is surprising is not that they are lying about him, but that the lies are so ridiculous.

Take this lie, for example:

if one decides to Boycott Israel, then one must be consistent, if Mr. Hawking decides to boycott us he should also refrain from using his means of communications as he is using products that were invented and produced in Israel. it is very interesting though that we continue to hear him isn’t it.

Really now? Professor Hawking’s voice machinery and software were “invented and produced in Israel”? That’s the first I’d ever heard of that. And guess what — that claim is a lie:

The i7 was designed by Intel’s architecture design team in Hillsboro Oregon. The claims the i7 was designed in Israel are also lies.

For the i7 in particular, the Sr. Principal Engineer’s name is Ronak Singhal. He is an Indian. The design team does not consist of Israelis and is not located in Israel.

Hawking’s sentence construction software, EZ Keys, was designed and built by an american company, Words Plus, which was based in Palmdale, California. Hawkings speech synthesizer, NeoSpeech, is produced by a company based in Fremont, California and backed by Voiceware Co of Korea. It has nothing to do with Israel either.

Hawking’s laptop which ran the software used AMD chips. This was an embarrassment to Intel. Intel’s CEO at the time Gordon Moore (now retired) personally negotiated with Prof. Hawking to participate in a marketing arrangement where Hawking would use Intel provided off-the-shelf laptops.

The YouTube video above shows Ronak Singhal himself in 2008 talking about the work of his Hillsboro, Oregon design team in creating the Intel i7 chip. Not a word about Israeli involvement, which apparently was limited to stitching together the chip cores that the Oregon team had created.


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