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Homophobe Bradley Dean “Bradlee Dean” Smith Has A Hissy Fit Over Marriage Equality

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 16, 2013

Minnesota’s right-wing contingent has gone into Self-Stinging Scorpion Mode over the passage of marriage equality in the North Star State. Senate Republicans are so ticked off about it that they actually maneuvered to prevent Democrats from temporarily adjourning the Senate so some of the senators could attend Governor Dayton’s signing the marriage equality bill into law. (This sort of twistiness from the Minnesota GOP legislative set isn’t all that surprising: House Republicans spent part of the previous month attacking House Democrats for spending measures that the House Republicans signed off on when they controlled the chamber in 2011.) But for the true fork-in-the-forehead craziness, one must leave the legislative chambers — where as demented as some of their denizens may be, still operate according to a certain level of decorum — and visit the inner heart of Michele Bachmann’s fan base.

Yes, gentlefolk, I speak of Bradlee Dean.

The Bullshit Artist Formerly Known as Bradley Dean Smith has been sent into transports of word-salad generation, as Sally Jo Sorensen reports:

It used to be that Bluestem could depend on local sources for news of toxic metal preacher Bradlee Dean’s latest rantings and not have to listen to his radio show ourselves. But since his lawyer initiated yet another lawsuit (we’ll let Wonkette explain), those heroes of fee speech  have been silenced while the legal eagles work things out.

Funny how a guy like Dean who describes himself as a son of liberty works that way.

Fortunately, People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch is listening to Dean’s show so we don’t have to. In Bradlee Dean Has Epic Meltdown over Minnesota’s Gay Marriage Law,  RWW’s Brian Tashman reports:

Minnesota-based Religious Right activist/rock star Bradlee Dean went ballistic on his radio show yesterday in response to his state’s new marriage equality law. Dean warned that Gov. Mark Dayton, who signed the
same-sex marriage bill into law, is at “war with God” and is “about to find out what it’s like as to what the fallout is when you throw rocks towards God, he’s going to learn how gravity works.” He added that
Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who backed his state’s marriage equality law, and other pro-gay rights “criminals” will face divine justice as well.

Listen to the audio at RRW. Tashman points to some classic Dean schtick:

Dean even seems to believe that every gay person in the country showed up for yesterday’s celebration of the marriage equality law in order to “push their propaganda and their agendas on the American people,” just as Saul Alinsky commanded.

“They come from all over the country to do this so what you’ve seen was probably the whole lump of the population of the homosexual community in the United States of America,” Dean said. . . .

Dean really needs to get out more. 

No kidding.


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