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Like most wars, this one’s a failure. End it.

Posted by Charles II on May 19, 2013

Jamie Doward, The Guardian:

European governments and the Obama administration are this weekend studying a “gamechanging” report on global drugs policy that is being seen in some quarters as the beginning of the end for blanket prohibition.

Publication of the Organisation of American States (OAS) review, commissioned at last year’s Cartagena Summit of the Americas attended by Barack Obama, reflects growing dissatisfaction among Latin American countries with the current global policy on illicit drugs.


2 Responses to “Like most wars, this one’s a failure. End it.”

  1. richmx2 said

    Given the failure to control drug use, and the popularity of some drugs in the rich countries (marijuana, for example, which — despite what you hear in pop culture — is not much used in producer countries like Mexico) it has never been a war on “drugs”, but a war on Latin American markets. How dare we have a commodity the rich north wants, but under the control of local producers and distributors. If marijuana production was controlled by Archer-Daniels-Midland, the “war” would have been over years ago, though the USDA would be coming up with all kinds of absurd regulations to keep small producers out of the market, and under U.S. financial control.

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